Additional services and equipment

Safe transportation of children

According to the Road Traffic Rules of Ukraine, transportation of children under 12 years of age in a car is possible only with the use of a special restraining device - a car seat or a car cradle. The car seat could be installed not only in the back, but also on the front seat, provided the airbag is disabled.

Budget provides high-quality car seats of specialized brands, such as BRITAX ROMER for children from 9 months to 12 years. The cost of renting a child seat is UAH 240 including VAT/day.

If you are traveling with children, we advise you to order a child car seat in advance when booking a car online or by calling +38 044 490 10 88.

"Additional driver" option

During the rental period, coverage is extended only to the primary driver in whose name the contract is issued. But you have the opportunity to add additional drivers to the reservation and travel with comfort!

An additional driver must meet the same criteria as the main driver, namely a minimum age and at least 2 years of driving experience.

An additional driver must be present when renting a car and present his driver's license and passport.

The service is chargeable.

Additional insurance

If you want to reduce your liability in the event of car damage or theft, you have the option of purchasing an additional insurance package in the event of damage (SCDW) or in the event of theft (STP). Please ask about this service at the location before your rental starts. The cost of additional insurance varies depending on the class of the rented car.

GPS navigator

It is extremely difficult to navigate in a new city during a trip. We suggest adding a GPS navigator to the reservation, which will help you with this.

The rental price is UAH 200 including VAT/day. We advise you to order it in advance, as the number of devices is limited!

Delivery and collection of cars

Save your time with the "Car delivery and pickup" service. The service is available upon prior request in Kyiv and Lviv. The cost of the service within city limits is UAH 630 including VAT. If necessary, we can deliver the car outside the city or to other cities of Ukraine depending on your needs. Reservations and detailed information are available by phone +38 044 490 10 88.

Car rental outside of working hours or on public holidays

We will be happy to accommodate your request and provide a service for delivery or collection of a rented car during non-working hours of our offices. The service is chargeable and requires prior agreement at the time of booking. The cost of the service is UAH 770 including VAT.