Operational Leasing

Operational leasing is the best solution for your company. Operational leasing is an opportunity to rent a car long-term, for a period from 1 to 5 years.
It allows you to get a car in the shortest possible time, while leaving the car on the balance sheet of the lessor.
Among the main advantages of operational leasing is flexibility and the opportunity to get a product that will meet your needs one hundred percent:
•    Choose a new car that will best suit your business.
•    Pay a fixed monthly lease fee according to the terms of the contract and clearly predict your expenses for the entire lease period.
•    Leasing payment includes all necessary expenses for the purchase and registration of the car, CASCO insurance, OSTCV and administration of insurance cases, scheduled maintenance, service for seasonal replacement and storage of tires, round-the-clock technical support, car kit (first aid kit, emergency triangle, fire extinguisher, gloves, vest).
•    Possibility to add to the package of leasing services: full service (scheduled and additional repairs of the car related to its technical wear and tear), extended OSTCV insurance, replacement car for the duration of the main repair, GPS monitoring.
•    You don't have to worry about selling the car after the contract expires - it's the responsibility and risks of the lessor.
•    Don’t worry about accounting either – with operational leasing, the rent is 100% applied to gross costs, the company also receives a VAT tax credit as part of the leasing payments, this allows you to get significant income tax savings without diverting funds from the company’s balance sheet to purchase new cars .